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The Andersson-Mills Project

Linkan-The Interview. By Fiona McKeown
Crank It Up Sound Samples
My Review Of Crank It Up
Linkan Andersson
Tony Mills
My Review Of Crank It Up


Well here we go. Remember these are only my thoughts after 2 full days and over 10 plays of the album. Enough for me to make up my mind on the album.


Crank It Up –


Quiet intro. Wondering if something is wrong with the sound here and then BANG….crushing power chords rip in. Superb catchy riff and then in comes Tony with some pure aggression. Excellent verse and a first class chorus. I love this song to bits…and it isn’t even my favourite on the album. Great song to start the album with.


Skin And Blood –


Have to be honest here and say this song is not my cup of tea. The only track on the album I dislike. Reminds me of the Damned in their early days. Aggressive ,wild and a little OTT.


Search And Destroy –


Instantly strikes me a similar in style to The Ramones.  The album is taking shape and is BIG on power chords. Linkan is a master of the big sound on the guitar and it is showing all over the place. Also some neat little solo runs here and there giving you plenty to take in after a few plays. Each play you discover a little more and more which is what I love when playing new music.


No Rights –


Wonderful sweeping guitar sound for the chorus. The vocals takes you right to the top with great energy and again plenty of aggression in parts. Tony told me he has had lots of fun with this album and it shows. He really lets his hair down and just puts his foot down. Taking a risk here and there. It sure pays off big time.


Kill For Love –


This is the biggest grower from the first play to my last play today. Fantastic vocals sweeping you in from the bridge into the chorus. Excellent lyrics and very catchy guitar riff again. If Alice Cooper released this I would have no doubt it would be a massive hit. My number 3 top song on the album.


Smile –


WOW. What a song. Favourite by a mile. MASSIVE  hooks all over this track. My favourite on the album. I have the demo which Tony sings in a more melodic style. I told Tony I prefer the melodic style of this song, but overall it would not blend in with the overall style of the album. So the correct thing to do was go for the harder edge vocals. With the right backing this song would be a monster hit. The backing vocals are a real plus as well, enhancing the track even more.


Nothin But Poison –


I am beginning to think by this time that when Linkan and Tony play this album live they will be shattered. So much energy on this track and vocals taken to the limit by Tony. Great track, vocals and guitars. First class chorus.


Head On Collision –


Superb catchy guitar riff. A lighter vocal on the verse. A great track to drive into the sun on a summers evening. You will be humming this tune for days on end. Even when you are trying to sleep at night !!


Anyone –


2nd favourite track. Again a quiet intro which bursts into life. The power and aggression of Tony’s voice here is very evident. Just wondering how the hell his voice will cope with all these songs live !! Best vocal performance on the album. Again it has a massive guitar riff that draws you in and hypnotises you. It was hinted that the songs are very “Siam”. They are, but a little more punk in style than hard rock. This could again be a massive hit if promoted properly.


Straight From The Heart –


Fantastic chorus and backing vocals. Simple and effective guitar solo cruising through the middle of the song. Superb stuff indeed.


Hard To Beat –


Finally the tempo drops a little and we can catch our breath. Another hit potential. Would a cracking anthem if the band were massive. Superb all round song with a great chorus.


Bleedin Heart –


Get the lighters out guys for the ballad. Not usually a fan of a slow song to end an album, but this definitely works here. Leaves you wanting more. Gives the feel of a haunting  atmosphere. Superb vocals and sweeping guitars reminiscent of a flowing summer breeze. You can certainly imagine Guns and Roses playing this. This is The Andersson Mills Project’s November Rain. Again I believe a potential hit song .



So those are my honest thoughts. A killer album. To sum it up in a few words. Energetic, powerful, aggressive , raw and bloody marvellous.